If you have been told you are statin intolerant, please call us to see if you qualify for one of two cholesterol studies. Call Pam at 272-2523.

Current Studies

Bacterial Conjunctivitis PCSK9 Inhibitor Study for Cholesterol

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Contact Phone Numbers for RESEARCH:
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Welcome to the Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation Research Department Current Studies site.  You are here because you are considering taking part of one of our studies.  Review the list of the studies to see if you are interested.  You will need to visit with your physician or our research coordinators about eligibility to participate.  Your questions will be answered by our experienced and professional research staff who have been trained to treat multitudes of medical conditions and illnesses.  They will review with you what your participation in our clinical studies will entail, so you understand the treatment, medication and protocols.  All medications that are currently available by prescription had to go through clinical studies to be FDA approved.  Your participation in these studies will assist the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in developing the newest and effective medications for your medical condition.  Fill out the eligibility form to see if you pre-qualify today.  Click on the links below to view current studies and print informed consents.